Mar 23, 2013

Last days

We visited so many great restaurants and cafés! So friendly and sweet people! Even without common language it is possible to communicate :)

Namikawa Cloisonné museum. This place is also very interesting because of it's many beautiful details. It is over 100 years old house but somehow it feels so moder with shojis made of glass and having windows in inner sliding doors. This is again a home and a studio of Japanese famous artist Namikawa Yasuyuki. His Cloisonné works are famous all around the world and not so many of his work remained in Japan - But here you could see some of his works. So beautiful but photos were not allowed except in the garden.

Nice Jazz café next to Demachiyanagi station. My parents visited the dorm where I live and we had walk at the Kamogawa river. 

Fushimi Inari is still one of my favourite places and this was the 4th time for me to climb up to the mountain and see all the thousands of torii gates again. I'm actually very proud of my parents by coming all the way up :)

On our last day together we went to Heijan Jingus garden.  From window the day looked sunny and warm, so we ended up freezing without jackets and warm clothes. In here we saw the first cherry blossoms! It is a shame that my parents didn't get the opportunity to see sakura in its full bloom but at least here we saw some trees :)

I can't belive that the three weeks went by so fast! It was absolutely fantastic to have my family here (Leo, Tule tule tänne kesällä ja Kaija, meikäläinen ottaa niin paljon kirsikakukkakuvia jahka pääsevät täyteen kukkaan!) and it was nice to take everyting easy and not to rush around. Great days and good memories!

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