Mar 9, 2013

Trip to Taiwan part 1

Busy days... My parents have arrived to Kyoto (a day before I arrived from Taiwan) and with them I'm running from one temple to a shire and so on :) It is great to have them here!

But to the trip:

I, Dan and Ed went to Taiwan for 5 nights since we (read Dan) found cheap flights there (~65€ round trip). The plan was just to look around in Taipei for few days and then visit some other place and spent one night there. We actually didn't do so much research before the trip but wanted to see the temples and try all different types of junk food in the night markets. 

The gate to Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

Details of lnterns and ceiling.
Beautiful Chinese style bridge in the park around the memorial hall.
Around the park.
We had a nice hotel in Ximan, great area with good mood.
Details of the white & hue mint style
Taiwanese lunch, gooood.

Downstairs of a ice cream shop

Street styles. In Taipei one can see a lot of red used in buildings and arroundings.
Taipei 101, the building that used to be the highest in the world.

Fashion shoot in the middle of empt night street.
Food at the night markets: You can find fried anything, Taiwans famous stinky tofy and huge huge ice creams.
Ice cream with grated nuts.

I have so so many pictures so I'll post the rest soon.

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