Aug 25, 2012

Mass cremation

Decorative lion that is used as a coffin for the cremation.
The area next to the cemetery was full of people doing seremonies and giving offerings.
Inside the big cow they put the body of a member of the royal family.
Decorative tower.
Hundrets and hundrets of people watching the parade to the cemetary.
Burning the cow.
Burning the cow.
Burning the dragon.
After the seremony.
After the seremony.

Aug 17, 2012

Independence day's game

Today is the independence day of Indonesia. The football field of Ubud were full of people celebrating this day. One of the main part was a game were men had to climb up a lubricated pole trying to reach the top. They made human pyramids and slowly time after time rub the fat away to make the pole not so slippery.

The men were not so young.
Children playing around before their parade.
Try after try they got higher and higher
In Bali they have a lot of tattoos.
And finally reached the top. There were different prizes like sarongs, televisions or standing fans.

Aug 13, 2012

Building the kitchen

This was the scene when I first came here.
The raw bodies of the kitchen cabinets.
Building the island.
All the building and finishing is made at the location.
Painting the first layers.
Black granite installed. Holes for the sink and stove.
And yesterday makin space for the cooking hood.

This is what we are doing now. At the same time we have been doing the sinktables too but those I will show later on. Almost everything is made here at the house and there is always different people coming to work depending if we need to work with wood, stone, electricity ect.

The design of the kitchen is mainly done by the contractor before I came here but luckily I saw the plan before it was made. For example the space between the two surfaces was only 80cm but now it is 120cm. Also the places for the handles were odd ect...

Everything is happening quite slowly but I hope to do as much as I can before I must leave this wonderful place.