Nov 30, 2012

Light up!

Kiyomizudera + autumn colours + night + a lot of light = GREAT

the bright shiny mapple leaves are like from traditional Japanese lacquer works.

Nov 25, 2012

Naoshima & Teshima

There is so much happening here in Japan that it is very difficult to keep up with the posts! Well anyway last weekend we went to Naoshima and Teshima, islands famous for their modern architecture and museums. The money we paid for the transport ect went to the charity, to the children who lost their parents in an earthquake.

We took a buss from our school and after 5 hours we were in Uno, where we changed to a ferry to go to Naoshima and after to Teshima.

Us on the ferry.

Rainy morning at Naoshima.
After arriving to Naoshima and buying some umbrellas we went to a Chichu art museum (made by Tadao Ando) and it was such an experience!

We were not allowed to take pictures inside so we mainly managed to take some of this triangle space.
Raw concrete with gray colour palette.
A corridor rounding the space with open, one line window.
Also the art works inside were amazing! The Monet's paintings (combination with the room and paintings) were one of the highlights. The building was also such an experience, like walking in an art piece!
After The Chichu museums we went to the Benesse house (again no photos inside :() and then we just send some time at the shore waiting for the shuttlebuss taking us back to the port.
On shore there were a wedding couple.
And some Spanich tourist were wondering this installation but they were only taking their wedding pictures.
Torii at the spot where we changed our buss.
And the pumpkin!
Hyun, Mew and Jino.
Our hostell/guesthouse were in Teshima. Futons & tatami floor, and fun evening :)

Second day at Teshima, on the way to Teshima art museum.
On the way to the museum.

On the way to the museum.
And again no pictures inside, but again such an experience! I've never felt the architecture as strongly as in these museums where they play one of the main roles.
And the bathroom were quite cool too :)
The last art work we sawwhile walking back to the hostel.
Great weekend with great people but naturally too little time to see everything!

Nov 9, 2012

Koto-in zen temple

Very nice building in Daitokuji temple area. We were allowed to take pictures inside the building and garden so it was great! We also visited the rarely open "Shinju-an" with beautiful tea ceremony room and fusumas painted by all respected artists. Great Friday morning in even more great places.

The flash ruins all photos but some of the rooms are very very dark so I can't share the beauty as it is :(

Nov 8, 2012


Our trip to Nara few weeks ago (about one hour by train from Kyoto). A lot of deers, shrines, walking, photographing and school groups.

Behind: Quentin, Marco, me, Chanti. Infronf: Mew, Marine an Annie.