Dec 31, 2012


Two layer highway.
Kobe tower.
The night is waking up.
With all the lights.
And getting a bit twisted.
And twisted.
Johannes, Yooka, Marine and me.
Massive moon rising.
Kobe tower and ferris weel.
All at the port of Kobe.

Dec 30, 2012

Chinatown in Kobe

With Johannes, Marine ja Yooka we visited Kobe yesterday. We spent the day walking around the city and stayed up all night for a party (and waiting for the first train to take us back to kyoto). The main places where we visited were the Kobe tower and chinatown. Since we dont have a chinatown in Finland and I have never visited any in any other countries I was very exited to finally visit one. It really did feel like visiting a different world :)

The biggest of the three Japanese chinatowns.
The east gate.

The center pavillion.

Lunch at small restaurant.
Shark fin soup with noodels, dim sums and many other good things.
Marine trying chinese hats.
Magnificent dragons :)
And after visiting Kobe tower we came back to see the evening mood of the place.
Golden lanters.
The pavillion with all the 12 chinese animals ( + a panda). This picture was taken on top of my animal, goat.
Marine and Yooka in the pavillion.
Floating lanterns.

Golden light.
The west gate.

Closed shops.

Dec 27, 2012

Six years of Christmas

Christmas 2007 - Torturing my cat and our christmas tree
Christmas 2007 - Family picture at my aunties.

Christmas 2008 in India

Christmas 2008 in India - Small buss accident we had on our way (exactly 4 years ago)

Christmas 2008 in India - Me and my art teacher after i finished my painting.

Christmas 2009 - Me and my brother and our christmas tree.

Christmas 2009 - Alexandra.
Christmas 2010 - Our home, just before the family dinner.

Christmas 2010 - Playign around the christmas tree.

Christmas 2010 - Christmas dinner & tree

Christmas 2011 - Family picture at my aunties.

Christmas 2011 - Our christmas tree.

Christmas 2011 - Christmas dinner at our house.

Christmas 2012 in Japan - Professional Pandoro cutting.

Christmas 2012 in Japan - This year we didn't have a big christmas tree, but 6 small ones.

Dec 22, 2012

For inspiration - China's fashion

Like I've told you before I'm collecting magazines from different countries. I find it interesting to see how different cultures uses photography for example when it comes to fashion. Here are some photos from Chinese vogue. I like this magazine because they use a lot of Asian model and chinese design.

Tokyo blurr

Short video from Tokyo

Dec 12, 2012


Cloudy mountains, mah jong and rice bowl.
Autumn colours and rendering rendering rendering.

New lamps and my name in Thai.

Interior projects.

Christms presents, cake and japanese pudding.

New cup from J-period.

Few instagram photos from here Japan. The iPhone 3 quality starts to look quite bad compared to 4 and 5 but it will still do :)