Jul 11, 2013

Café Expedition XII

hamburger steak bagel 700¥

Café Noinah. Interesting place with kind of South American vibe. Nice cozy atmosphere and good food. This place is located in norht west Kyoto, an area I haven't spent so much time in so it was interesting to discover new places in this area.

Photos of Oteki

Some days ago I posted the first half of this photoshoot we did with Oteki and Kazuya. Here are the photos of Oteki (and the photos of Kazuya you can find here). I really enjoyed these photos and especially the ones with windy hair. Oteki has such a cool and interesting face! 

Photos: Esa Naukkarinen 
Photo assistant : Kazuya 
Model: Oteki

Jul 8, 2013

Café Expedition XI

hazelnut flawored milk 500¥
caramel icecream 350¥
lotus root chips 400¥

salmon avocado salad 650¥

Café dining Near. Cozy underground space with a gallery. Once again we startesd with the sweets, and after few hours continued with a proper lunch. This was also an ideal place for lazy working and just spending the rainy day.

The food here was actually quite nice, and I had plenty since Linn made sad mistake with her order and well, I ended up eating her dish too. But over all nice place near us so maybe we will end up there again.

Jul 2, 2013

Long time no hear

It has been a while! I can't keep up how fast the days and weeks just passes by! It is already July and that is horrible! Here I still have school until the beginning of August (meanwhile people back in Finland already lives their summer vacations) and this is the busy time when you realize that you actually have to do something for all the classes your taking. I haven't really told about my school stuff from this semester but that I will do later, since maybe you have already seen the pictures above this text waiting to be introduced.

Well well for long time I have wanted to take photos of my two friends Oteki and Kazuya. Some weeks ago we finally found a day that fits for all of us and headed to the studio of our school. Even though I usually let the ladies go first, the pictures of Oteki with wind in her hair I'll keep to my self just a bit longer and start with photos of Kazuya.

And also I finally made a Tumblr account to share some random photos of mine!

You can find it >> here <<