Apr 28, 2013

Photoshoot with Yoko

Finding the cool.

Last Thursday we had a photoshoot with my friend Yoko. 

And since I have been asked to show one photo of me with my model, here it is :)

Apr 21, 2013

Sunday Café Expedition II

Chocolate cake 500¥
Hot chocolate 600¥

Prinz. New week new discovery. Prinz is combination of café, restaurant, hotel, two galleries, library and cd/bookshop. Super cozy place with strong Japanese atmosphere. When it gets a bit warmer it must be very nice to enjoy the garden with outdoor tables and music playing on the background.

It is nice to find new great places for working, sketching and studying while chatting with friends - or coming alone and taking a look of the design and photography books they have. Also next time we have to try the food in this place.

Apr 14, 2013

Sunday Café Expedition I

"Sunday Café Expedition" is a thing we came up with some friends last week. Basically the idea is to find cool cafés here in Kyoto, places we have or haven't been before but places we want to try.

For this first time we ended up in pretty minimalistic Coa Café. The whole space is one long "house form" tube with Scandinavian vibe and colour palette - using white, black and warm wood.

I'm actually pretty exited about these expeditions even though I don't really drink or like coffee. Luckily there are also other stuff to have and I never say no to a good cake.

Lets see where we go next.

Apr 11, 2013


Time to slowly answer the questions you have been sending. (And if you still have more you want me to tell/post about, feel free to drop a comment or email or facebook or so on)

#Have you been to Karaoke, how is it?

Well yes I have been to karaoke. many times.
Do I like it? It depends :)

The Japanese karaoke style is more intimate than the open mic kind of thing we have in Finland. So here I like the feeling of going there with friends and having this own space. The included icecream and drinks are great addition too. The misfit comes with me not being so into singing. Well actually I never sing, not even alone in the shower. But since the company I've been to karaoke is so good and since they can sing very well it is actually enjoyable. The karaoke nights usually starts around midnight, and there is no going home before sunrise. It kind of messes up the sleeping rythm but I guess thats part of the fun. I also really like the karaoke rooms. The usually all look different and comes with spinning lights and other attractions. Kind of corny but thats the way to go.

Apr 6, 2013

Great days

Hanami aka watching flowers.

The spring is officially here and the cherry trees are in their full bloom. So beautiful! The past few days have been the greatest! Having picknicks under the cherry trees and enjoying the sun. I call it "the art of doing nothing".

I have now lived here for six months and I'm about to start the second semester at my university. I feel like "the season two" is about to begin. Some old characters have left the show, some newcomers have came and let's see what kind of story it will be. It is the mixed feelings of missing the old good times, but at the same time waiting for the next great adventures.

Looking back the six months has been the best of my life. Jumping to emptyness when leaving Finland and landing to having so great people (and places) around me and having such a good friends to share it with. I'm a bit ashamed to say, but I haven't been homesick at all.

And since it is a new season and new tricks, I would like to ask if there is something you would like me to post about. It can be about school, about Japan, Kyoto or what ever I haven't been talking about yet.

And then to the photos. Some (well quite a few) photos about sakura and hanami. The riverside with mountains, families at the parks, beautiful sunset with soft pink light and the city centre with sakura hanging above the smaller canal.