Apr 11, 2013


Time to slowly answer the questions you have been sending. (And if you still have more you want me to tell/post about, feel free to drop a comment or email or facebook or so on)

#Have you been to Karaoke, how is it?

Well yes I have been to karaoke. many times.
Do I like it? It depends :)

The Japanese karaoke style is more intimate than the open mic kind of thing we have in Finland. So here I like the feeling of going there with friends and having this own space. The included icecream and drinks are great addition too. The misfit comes with me not being so into singing. Well actually I never sing, not even alone in the shower. But since the company I've been to karaoke is so good and since they can sing very well it is actually enjoyable. The karaoke nights usually starts around midnight, and there is no going home before sunrise. It kind of messes up the sleeping rythm but I guess thats part of the fun. I also really like the karaoke rooms. The usually all look different and comes with spinning lights and other attractions. Kind of corny but thats the way to go.

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