Jun 28, 2012

Sacred Monkey Forest

Few days ago we went to the monkey forest with Ayu. The forest is one of Ubuds main attractions and it truly was pretty cool. You must pay 20.000 rp to get in and then you can wonder around while monkeys run around you :)

The coolest statues I've ever seen!

a man doing the daily seremony in front of the forest

monkey and a dragon bridge
Ayus solution for the hot day

The monkeys are not very tamed and stuff but sometimes they do jump on you.

Over all the place was really nice with the jungle vibe and the monkeys! The forest has a nice combination of wild nature and the human made things. But by far my favourite thing was the lizard statues! They are a bit hidden so it's not so crowdy there and they look so realistic in a way!

The internet here is not so fast with this many pictures so I didn't even realize how long I've been doing this post - meaning it's my bedtime!

Jun 25, 2012


Today I joined Ketut and Bagus to a trip to go a village called Taro. Ketut owns quite much land there and we checked if everything were ok. It was nice to see the countryside and jungle :) The nature is really beautiful there and we visited some rice fields and orage plantation. 

Here are few photos of the trip

a view from Ketut's land

growing oranges

 The photos of the shrine really gives me this kind of Miyazaki feeling of something ancient, mysterious and fascinating. The moss and invasive nature makes it feel a bit forgotten which makes it even more secretive. The shrine is in one Ketut's land where the family used to live for some time.
Some children of the villagers were very happy to have some photos took and the boy was quite a poser :) And the girl were so sweet carrying the dog everywhere she went.

The trip took only few hours and after that I continued to make the room layouts of the house. Upstairs layout is ready but the downsairs is so full of widows and doors waiting to be put where they belong that I wasn't able to do the measurements of the rooms yet.

I'll post some photos of the house soon!

Jun 23, 2012

Enter to Bali

First impression

This was my first day in Ubud in Bali and I have already seen so much! The city is so full of details, colour combinations, rustic surfaces, interesting buildings, narrow side alleyes, temples, trees, plants and animals!

Jun 17, 2012

Figures and Haute Couture jewellery exhibitions

Having the exhibitions were such a great experince! Yesterday was the last day of it and after taking it down we had lavish dinner at Kolme Kruunua with my family.

Thank you all who came to visit and thank you for all the productive conversations we had. Here are some photos about the place and works so if you couldn't come as person now you can enjoy it here.

Jun 12, 2012

The end of an era

Two years has passed by so fast! I first started this blog when I got my place in Lahti at started my studies in Lahti institute of design. Operation apartment was about me building my first home - but now it's empty again. I will go back there after one year, but before that there is an internship in Bali and an exchange year in Japan.

So all my posessions are in cardboard boxes at my parents house and after one week I'll fly to Bali to start my next "operation apartment" as an interior designer for our friends new house. I'm sure it will be great two and half months there and of course I will continue this blog to tell and show how things are going. Exciting!

White veil

It isn't about weddings, it's about the mystery.

These are some new photos we took with Cinta few days ago.

Jun 6, 2012

Taiteilijaelämää family exhibition

A lot has happened since I last wrote in here. My second school year is over, I left my place in Lahti (I'll tell more about that later) and our long planned family exhibition is now open!

The exhibition is in 3 rooms. First one is showing the graphic art made by my mother. The second room is filled with kitch/postlost items my dad has collected from all arond as souvenir (Soviet union, DDR...) and the last room contains my two exhibitions. One for the Haute Couture jewellery and the other is photos about movement. My brother has made the audio world for my and dad's exhibitions.

The exhibition is open 1.6-16.6.2012 in Laterna Magica gallery (Rauhankatu 7 Helsinki). We try to be there present as much as we can (I've been sick for the last days and missed few days :()

Here are few photos of the place. You are all more than welcome to have a visit!

Click to read what Iiris magazine said about our exhibition! (in Finnish)