Jun 28, 2012

Sacred Monkey Forest

Few days ago we went to the monkey forest with Ayu. The forest is one of Ubuds main attractions and it truly was pretty cool. You must pay 20.000 rp to get in and then you can wonder around while monkeys run around you :)

The coolest statues I've ever seen!

a man doing the daily seremony in front of the forest

monkey and a dragon bridge
Ayus solution for the hot day

The monkeys are not very tamed and stuff but sometimes they do jump on you.

Over all the place was really nice with the jungle vibe and the monkeys! The forest has a nice combination of wild nature and the human made things. But by far my favourite thing was the lizard statues! They are a bit hidden so it's not so crowdy there and they look so realistic in a way!

The internet here is not so fast with this many pictures so I didn't even realize how long I've been doing this post - meaning it's my bedtime!

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