Apr 20, 2011

Drawed beches

Some pictures of the stuff we have done at school. The class is all about creating a 3D impressions to objects and spaces. We study how the light reflects and slides on the surfaces, how to do object's reflection and where the shadows goes.

First we did some basic cubes to study this

After that we made simple sofas and benches to create more shapes and shadows

After the beches we started to use all this same knowledge to draw spaces, but that part of the class is still going. I'll post the spaces when they are all done.

Apr 12, 2011

Black dress

Photoshoot. We made this photoserie last weekend with my friend Pragnya. This girl is so beautiful and even with no experience she was delivering so many variations and ideas! Cinta and Joona were also great as our human wind machines :) Thank you!

(Click to enlarge & sharpen)

Same photos with brighter colours, which ones you prefer?

Model: Pragnya
Photos: Esa Naukkarinen

Apr 5, 2011


Sweet overdose. We just couldn't walk pass this British fudge profusion. After amassing almost a kilogram of the colourfull sweets we shared them with my friend, but took some photos before that.

Apr 4, 2011


So much light! The "operation apartment" haven't developed for a while because of school and the lack of time But this is how it looks now, bathing in the sun.