Sep 23, 2010

Places for the magazines

Im collecting some magazines (AD, The World Of Interiors, the ones with Jolie on cover, Vogues from asia, ect...) and I'm very attracted by the covers and i want to keep them in a good condition - so i need some places for them.

Fabric pockets for the magazines
And the rest of the magazines you find under the sofatable which is made by two dairyboxes and a old window.

Cover it with pictures!

To cover my all white walls I collected some pictures that might suit here. To keep this even a bit cohesive I'v tried to stay mainly in black, white and red (Let see how long I can hold this line:))

The center ones are just to cover that dirty unpainted wall. I still havent painted the alcove because I'm planning to highten its floor and built a bed in it. I would also put some color into it.

and I still have some pictures that I don't know where to put yet :D

Sep 13, 2010

Blackboard wall

Every since I heard about the blackboard paint, I wanted to have one entire wall I can draw to! I also made a stripe of magnetic paint under the actual black wall. It's useful to have a huge notebook on your entry :)

Sep 7, 2010

Empire plaza - restaurant

One of the coolest Chinese restaurants in Helsinki. All covered with black tiling and dark atmosphere make it just look so luxorious :) The food is very nice and they also servs "dim sum", traditional Chinese tiny dishes.

We were actually celebrating my birthday there (a bit late) with my friend Noora. After the dinner we went to see Step Up 3D and yes, we did like it! There wasn't anything mindblowing, but it was good entertainment and the dance scenes looked nice in 3D.

After moving in

The horror of moving in. My old things looks so unfamiliar and the whole place feels empty. But little by little I'll try to put this place together and make it feel more cozy and attractive. The first days has been just bying extension cords and other stuff to make everything run. I still don't have a proper internet here, so my iPhone is my gate to the world over there.

My school has also started last week so it's nice to have something to do. Its been just some infos and "get to know each others" project but I can't wait the actual school to start!

My poor-looking computer mess :)

Blackboard wall

Amazing gift given by my dear godmother

My new 40" tv (bye bye study loan) But like they said at school, we have to remember entertain us and pay attention to our leisure time

New internet that also allows to record stuff from tv and rent movies without stepping out :)

From Stockmann

And new before/after look for Rauni Palonen's painting she gave me :)

In some days my internet should get activated so I can start keeping this blog more regularly. Also if You have something you would like to know or see, feel free to ask!