Nov 21, 2013


Photoshoot with Han, part 1

Photos: Esa Naukkarinen
Model: Han
make up : Linn Eriksson

Slowly slowly I'm getting old photoshoots shared with you all.
Thank you Han and Linn for a great day!

Nov 5, 2013

Photoshoot with Mew

I have so many photoshoots from Japan yet to be shared with you all! This time it's all about my friend Mew from Thailand. This photoshoot was a lot of fun since I didn't only have Mew there but also Linn and Nina came to help around. We played with a cool, big plate of brass, baby's kimono and some pearls. These photos are funny since they are almost the opposite of Mew's happy, always smily and sweet personality :)

Photos and concepts: Esa Naukkarinen
Model: Mew
Make up Linn Eriksson

It was great to have Linn doing the make up! She also helped me a lot with the photoshoots for my next exhibition, but more about that later.