Dec 27, 2013


A game character with frosty hair. This was the third part of our photoshoot with Han back in Japan.

Photos: Esa Naukkarinen
Model: Han
Make up: Linn Eriksson


I really miss that studio at KIT and all my friends and Linn helping me with the photoshoots and so on :) I still have some material unshown from Japan, but soon I'll also share some new photos taken here in Finland. 

Dec 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Hyvää Joulua kaikille!

Happy holidays to everyone! It's time to eat and sleep, eat and sleep and after that to watch many movies and relax before starting the next tasks ahead of us. Enjoy~

Dec 22, 2013

Yooka in Finland

Our good friend Yooka came to visit us here in Finland. After spending one year together in Japan, having her here was such a pleasure! In only five days we did a alot. Helsinki, Espoo, Porvoo and Lahti. Cafés, homes, home parties and a bit sightseeing. It was like a small "kyoto reunion" with me, Yooka, Johannes, Nina, Tuuli and Milla.

Unfortunately I didn't take that many photos, but here are at least some :)

At my auntie's atelje.

With many cameras.

Redder's gig at Helsinki.

Redder's gig at Helsinki.

Redder's gig at Helsinki.

We spent the only snowy day at Porvoo.

Yooka and Johannes at the Porvoo church.

And the church from inside.

Strolling around the old town.