Aug 28, 2011

Cute and curly

The second part of the photoshoot we had with Juuli and Noora. I'm very happy how they turned out because we took these in such a rush!

For this necklace we made Juuli look a bit like a doll or a girl from children's books.

Same pictures in black and white:

Model: Juuli
Photos: Esa Naukkarinen

Aug 25, 2011

Sun and dust

Few days ago I had a photo shoot with Juuli. We were shooting two of the new necklaces I've done (we had planned to do three but because we started a bit late, we only had time to do two :)). We were also lucky to have our good friend Noora helping us with the make up and hair.

For the first necklace we made this "indian child" kind of look with the idea of sun and dust.

Model: Juuli
Photos: Esa Naukkarinen

Aug 20, 2011

Light & glass

The strong sunshine revealed some cool structures and shadows.

Aug 13, 2011


After the long silence. One happy month at our summer cottage at seaside. No television, no computer, no running water, not a thing to stress about.

The view at our summer place is beautiful because it is always different.