Jan 26, 2011

Beauty in black and white

Some unseen photos from the photoshoot we had with Kristiina a while ago. Beauty captured in black and white:

Jan 17, 2011

"The shape made by a human"

Again one school project is done! Book that present the work process of "The shape made by a human" including sketches, paintings and studying about objects and hands. The idea was to create an abstract shape by using some objects as an inspiration. The shape was made of plaster and it imitates the surface of a moled bronze.


Work progress

Item you love - sculpture made by my grandfather

Item you use - glass from the Soviet Union

Hands that are and work

Anatomy measurements

Sketching the shape

The shape

The pages - detail of the book

The reinforcement of the corners - detail of the book

Jan 11, 2011


Studying how to draw and makes shadows to the boxes

Candies from the Chinatown :)

I just love Chinese packing and graphic design! So loud colours but too cute to be true :D

Jan 7, 2011


Luxurious chocolates. For long time I have been looking for chocolate you can melt into milk and have a bit different hot chocolates, and now I have finally found some! There are some different flavours and they also look very nice. Brilliant cheer up for these stressful days!

Cool graphic design on the labels