Sep 25, 2014


Quick photoshoot in Suomenlinna with Arnold before I came to Bali

Photos: Esa Naukkarinen
Model: Prince Arnold



Sep 24, 2014

Time flies

I can't believe it has already been three weeks since I came here! I moved from the hotel to my friend's house for a while since the hotel is fully booked. We are planning to continue making this house like a proper home but so far the hotel has taken all our time.

I've been making plans for the next rooms to be renovated and with Bagus we have already decided the characters and the atmospheres we are looking for. Now we just have to get the new parking and laundry area ready as soon as possible so we can start renovating the rooms.

When I haven't been working I have been going to the gym and looking for models and locations for my photoserie. Yesterday I had the first photoshoot and I can't wait to get the photos done! I'm still inspired by the shell jewellery from Papua New Guinea so I'm continuing the serie I already started here last time with Cinta and brothers Dijay and Ary. I'll show more about that later.

Here are again some phone pictures from the past days.

My friend's house surrounded by rice fields.

Slow morning with the cat.

The reality of how it really went.

Already looking for things to the new rooms.

Laundry area slowly coming together.

My friend Liia from Finland came to visit Ubud so we went to see some rice fields.

Installing some new spot lights to higligh the garden

The colour of the light is quite cold, but lets see how we will fix that.

Putra found over two meters long snake from a palm tree next to the pool.

From this display we already bought the new bathroom floors. But which ones? You will see later :)

After finding this small river for the photoshoots, I like to go there for a quick swim.

After my photoshoots I usually take a polaroid picture with the model. Me and Danu by the river.

Today the workers started to cut the bedek, the bamboo ceiling for the parking area.

Sep 17, 2014

Slowly settling down

Since I promised to my friends and family that I'll write more about my doings here in Bali I'll try to actually do that. Let's see how well it will go!

During this past week I started to make the blueprints of the rooms that we will renovate next. With my friend Bagus we have already started to brainstorm what kind of characters will join "Graeme" and "Draupadi" and what kind of personalities they will have. I'm already quite excited what we have come up with, but it's not yet time to reveal more...

I've been also busy designing stickers for the hotel's cars and smaller stickers just to give the employees to use in motorbikes or helmets. We have been trying to find the best company to print them, but the nicer materials would require less details or the minimum order of 500 pieces which is a bit too many for us, at least yet at this point. 

Other than work I have just been reading, eating and finally, after four years, I started to go to gym again. Also before my friend Cinta headed back to Finland we went for a haircut and had lunch in Clear Cafe. I miss her already!

Still working on the finishing touch for Graeme and Draupadi. We need some trash bins and...

...Bed covers,  key rings and so on.

We are also already looking for new great things for the future plans.

Clear Cafe with Cinta.

New haircut.

Breakfasts on the Bale. I usually have nasi goreng, fruit salad and juice - with a book.

Making the blueprints of the rooms on the third floor.

The interiors that haven't really been touched for almost twenty years.

But before we can start renovating the rooms.

We have to finish the parking area first.

Young coconuts.

Ubud Fitness Center.

At the printing shop getting some samples done.

Sep 10, 2014

First week in Bali

It has already been a week since I landed to Bali. My friend took me from the airport to Ubud and it felt nice to arrive to a place I already know so well. Seeing old friends were also such a joy.

For the first two nights I stayed in one of the rooms I already designed here and it was great to be able to try how it feels to stay in "Draupadi". There is still some small things to be fixed but in general the space has the wanted atmosphere and feeling! The other room, "Graeme" is also ready and naturally I'm happy to see that they are actually selling out very well. The fish pond infront of the rooms is almost done but there is no water yet.

I started working already by updating the menu and by making a handout map of Ubud showing all nice places around here. The workers are now making a new parking lot for the motorbikes and that will keep them busy for few more weeks. Meanwhile I started already making the blue prints of the next rooms to be renovated.

Other than that I have just slowly started to check out the new shops, restaurants and places I haven't yet visited. I'm also lookign for new models and new locations for future photoshoots.

Here are some phone pictures from the last days

Very fresh magazine I bought from Hong Kong's airport. Not sure how to get the following issues but by this one, im a fan!



and the tiles that still makes me happy.

Tropical view to the pool.

My two animal friends from my friends' house.

I really enjoy my current room on the rooftop.

The fish pond is almost ready to be filled with water and those fire red carps.

Can't wait to see it done.

Making new ceiling to the parking lot.

Discovering new nature spots for future photoshoots

And having a swim where the stream is not too strong.

Sep 5, 2014


Back in Bali. I'm just slowly settling back to Ubud, my future home for the next 9 months. The rooms I designed as my graduation work are basically done and looking great! I'll post some picture of those asap (aka as soon as the guests staying there will leave so I can enter to get some photos).

But meanwhile here are some photos of Deknik I took last time I was here. 

Photos: Esa Naukkarinen
Hair and make up: Cinta Ikonen
Model: Deknik


Family portrait of Deknik with her husband and child.