Sep 10, 2014

First week in Bali

It has already been a week since I landed to Bali. My friend took me from the airport to Ubud and it felt nice to arrive to a place I already know so well. Seeing old friends were also such a joy.

For the first two nights I stayed in one of the rooms I already designed here and it was great to be able to try how it feels to stay in "Draupadi". There is still some small things to be fixed but in general the space has the wanted atmosphere and feeling! The other room, "Graeme" is also ready and naturally I'm happy to see that they are actually selling out very well. The fish pond infront of the rooms is almost done but there is no water yet.

I started working already by updating the menu and by making a handout map of Ubud showing all nice places around here. The workers are now making a new parking lot for the motorbikes and that will keep them busy for few more weeks. Meanwhile I started already making the blue prints of the next rooms to be renovated.

Other than that I have just slowly started to check out the new shops, restaurants and places I haven't yet visited. I'm also lookign for new models and new locations for future photoshoots.

Here are some phone pictures from the last days

Very fresh magazine I bought from Hong Kong's airport. Not sure how to get the following issues but by this one, im a fan!



and the tiles that still makes me happy.

Tropical view to the pool.

My two animal friends from my friends' house.

I really enjoy my current room on the rooftop.

The fish pond is almost ready to be filled with water and those fire red carps.

Can't wait to see it done.

Making new ceiling to the parking lot.

Discovering new nature spots for future photoshoots

And having a swim where the stream is not too strong.

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  1. Näyttää niin ihanilta noi rempatut huoneet!! :) hyvää työtä Esa! Ja että mulla on ikävä Ubudia :'( few more months to go... tahtoo jo! ps. Ilmottaudun vapaaehtoseks malliks sun kuvauksiin sitten tammikuun puolella :))