I started this blog in 2010 when I moved into my first apartment in Lahti, Finland. Operation apartment told and showed how I slowly, little by little fixed the place up and made it feel like mine. In this year I started my studies in Lahti institute of design as an interior design student.

Operation apartment - and life around it told also about my studies, showed my schoolwork and projects, personal art and photography. I used it to share my visions of beauty. It was a lot of pictures we made with my friends.

Operation apartment in Bali (summer 2012) followed me to Bali where I did my internship as an interior designer for our friends new house. I showed how we work at the house making mosaic floors and building kitchendesks, sinkdesk ect. I also shared my trips around the island showing pictures from different places and cool things I saw and learned there.

Operation apartment in Japan (2012-2013) was a story of my experiences as an exchange student in Kyoto. For one year I was able to wonder around narrow alleys, do bouth hanami and hanabi, run from one temple to an other and of course meet so many new people that luckily became my great friends. I showed a lot of photos and told a bit from these trip, but also shared my schoolwork and everyday life in magical Japan. I was also able to use my school's photo studio for my portrait shootings.

Operation apartment (Autumn 2013) took me back to Finland. After settling back to my apartment I mede few changes to update the look of my place. I continued sharing some stories about my studies, photoshoots and upcoming graduation work. 


Operation apartment, Back in Bali (Spring 2014) told about my graduation work I did in Bali. I renovated two Gayatri Bugalow's hotelrooms and created a concept for the future renovations. The days filled with work didn't leave me so much time to concentrate on this blog, but I managed to share some posts of the ongoing renovation and photoshoots with inspiring handmade jewellery from Papua new Guinea.

Operation apartment (Summer and Autumn 2014). End of an Era. I finished my studies in Lahti Institute of Design and had to say good bye to the apartment that ispired this blog in the first place. Even without the original apartment, the blog continues to follow and share my life, photos and new challenges - which will take me soon back to Bali.

Operation apartment - living in Bali took me back to Bali to continue the renovation of Gayatri Bungalows. For one year Ubud became my home again. While slowly designing and renovating the hotelrooms I'm also sharing photos of my traveling, ongoing photoshoots and other topics yet unknown.