Aug 30, 2010

Madame E's sitting-room

Houses on countryside can be quite a surprise. Our dear family friend Madame E has one of these unique houses that looks quite normal from outside, but inside it's covered with paintings, chandeliers, plants and other decorative items. It's like stepping into a totally different world!

Portrait of Madame E from London

Painting from Paris

Aug 18, 2010

Covering the sofa

Issue sofa. What to do when your sofa is totally horrible but you don't want to throw it away?

When I rent this apartment, there were an old sofa lying around. Of course I find that sofa graceless, but im too ecological to just wipe it out - especially when I know that every day they carry more than 80 sofas to the nearest dump. Thats only here where I live. I don't even want to think about how they do in Paris, London or NY.

So because of that I took up my sewing machine and started to work.

After many hours and problematic seams:

And then the "before and after" photos:

As it was

First just covered

Then sewd

Ready (exept my flat iron cracked up, so its not ironed)

Of course you can see that it's just coverd, but it is much more ecologic than bying a new sofa, and a lot cheaper too :) With few pillows and that shawl it will look great!

Chinese bench

I could describe this as my first piece of furniture. I love Chinese antique! I also think using antique furniture is more ecological than buying always new new new and same time throwing stuff away.

The bench, approximately 80-100 years old

It has the stamp

And beautiful surface

I think it will make fantastic tv table with some plants and dvd shelfs.

Aug 13, 2010

Preview works for the schools

Here are the art works I made in order to apply for the interior designing schools. Under each work you find the tittle they gave and what they were looking for by these commissions (as i remeber them :))

(Click to get bigger/sharper)

"Rock, scissors, paper" Items surface, position

"From space to space" atmosphere, sensation of the space

"3D Invitation to new greenhouse" originality, funktionality, execution

"from waking up to going out" 6 pictures, originality, perspective, different views

"Dream space" personality, sensation of the space, vision

"design 'reading and sitting combination' from plate material" make it as pieces and as in the space.

By sending these I got the invitation for bouth examns to actually get in the schools. And I was lucky enought to get into the school :) I posted these even though these pictures feels soo long time ago, but I wanted to know if I get into any school before showing these to you. I hope you enjoyed them!

Aug 10, 2010

Luis Vuitton trunk

May I introduce you my first piece of furniture!

(Well, It's not actually mine, but it's under my guard) This trunk has been just lying aroud in our storage and I asked if I can take it - and now finally people can actually see it.

Im just not sure yet how I'll prevent people to sit on it :)

I already had a sheet glass for it, but it didn't look good at all. Maybe something not so glossy and transparent would work, like a chinese platter would look good.

Cleaning after the previous inhabitant

So much dirt, dust, wooden boards, even a sleeping bag and old monitor. All crammed to my attic storage, which is actually inside my apartment. (And in the photo: thats my entry, not storage :))

It took almost the whole day to get all that stuff out from there, but now I love how there's nothing that isn't "mine".

I still have to paint few walls but otherwise the flat is ready to be furnished! It's still a bit mystery where I'll get all the funky furniture (beg and steal and borrow?) but after my school starts, I'll find out if Im allowed to use the wooden workshop.

Aug 7, 2010

Trip to Korkeasaari zoo

All of the sudden i and my friend Enna decided to go seeing and taking photos of the inhabitants of Korkeasaari zoo. I must say i love my new camera! Especially i like the 3th picture, and the one with squirrel. I was also very fond of the colours and textures of the peacock. You'll find all the photos from below

After the zoo we went to chinese to get some food. I LOVE chinese food and my iPhone is full of pictures from differend restaurants I'v been. Maybe i'll post all of them someday, but this is the one we went, The Long Wall.