Aug 10, 2010

Luis Vuitton trunk

May I introduce you my first piece of furniture!

(Well, It's not actually mine, but it's under my guard) This trunk has been just lying aroud in our storage and I asked if I can take it - and now finally people can actually see it.

Im just not sure yet how I'll prevent people to sit on it :)

I already had a sheet glass for it, but it didn't look good at all. Maybe something not so glossy and transparent would work, like a chinese platter would look good.


  1. Vanha ja haisee naftaliinille, mutta sehän luo vaa tunnelmaa :D sisältäkin tosi nätti, jahka saan vaa kirjani sieltä pois!

  2. it's really good looking pieace of furniture! I would see a little cat laying on it? Are you going to get a cat actually? I think you are perhaps a cat-person...

  3. Haha :D unfortunately i have to let my cat stay with my parents house, because shes used to run around wild, and i couldn't capture her inside :(