Aug 6, 2010

Farewell yellow walls

It wasn't just the color but also the dirt that made me paint the walls - as soon as possible.
Some photos with the original light yellow walls.

So with my brother and friend we took the paint cans and it was bye bye to the yellow.

Im not so into the idea of white walls but it does give a fresh start, and with that floor it looks bright. None of the furniture is actually mine (i find them quite horrible) but during the renovation i think they can be there. After all i don't have that many furniture own by myself, so covering that sofa it might be quite ok :)


  1. covering that sofa is a MUST!!!! otherwise i quite don´t see you sitting or chilling on it!!

  2. I know!! I already have fabric for it, but now i just have to actually MAKE it! ill post some pics when its ready!