Aug 10, 2010

Cleaning after the previous inhabitant

So much dirt, dust, wooden boards, even a sleeping bag and old monitor. All crammed to my attic storage, which is actually inside my apartment. (And in the photo: thats my entry, not storage :))

It took almost the whole day to get all that stuff out from there, but now I love how there's nothing that isn't "mine".

I still have to paint few walls but otherwise the flat is ready to be furnished! It's still a bit mystery where I'll get all the funky furniture (beg and steal and borrow?) but after my school starts, I'll find out if Im allowed to use the wooden workshop.


  1. :DDD begging, stealing & borrowing!!!
    tHE furniture wll find you!!!! it might take some time but it´ll be perfect!

  2. It will! im super exited about all the stuff i'll get here little by little!