Aug 13, 2010

Preview works for the schools

Here are the art works I made in order to apply for the interior designing schools. Under each work you find the tittle they gave and what they were looking for by these commissions (as i remeber them :))

(Click to get bigger/sharper)

"Rock, scissors, paper" Items surface, position

"From space to space" atmosphere, sensation of the space

"3D Invitation to new greenhouse" originality, funktionality, execution

"from waking up to going out" 6 pictures, originality, perspective, different views

"Dream space" personality, sensation of the space, vision

"design 'reading and sitting combination' from plate material" make it as pieces and as in the space.

By sending these I got the invitation for bouth examns to actually get in the schools. And I was lucky enought to get into the school :) I posted these even though these pictures feels soo long time ago, but I wanted to know if I get into any school before showing these to you. I hope you enjoyed them!


  1. ezzz!!! ur so talented!!! hope to have u soon in my house (;DDD begging for free tips....)

  2. I would LOVE to come! of course my dearest friends will get free tips :D