Aug 6, 2010

My new apartment, as it was

You know the feeling when you first time see your new place? Well i saw the potential but some parts where still quite shocking. The light yellow on the walls, dead wasps on the floor, broken bambu blinds and monstrous toilet. To be honest, it's not so bad but i have a lot of work ahead of me.

I do like the wooden floor, the composition of spaces and the fact that the house is built before wars, in 1930. It's also a only flat in the 3th floor so the steps takes you right to my door.

This was just a first impression of the flat, and i hope i manage to transform it something more exiting and not so "grandma" looking :D


  1. yeas! nice to follow your new project and new life! just waiting for the next step of it!

  2. what you´re going to do with the bathroom? that´ll be the most interesting (and urgent) project!!!

  3. Im trying not to think about it yet :D ill have to do something radical, coz the way its now its superhorrible! i would love to get huge wallpanels but i dont have the money yet, but lets see what happends :D

  4. and brush your teeth eyes closed... ;D it´ll be great with ur talent!