Sep 24, 2014

Time flies

I can't believe it has already been three weeks since I came here! I moved from the hotel to my friend's house for a while since the hotel is fully booked. We are planning to continue making this house like a proper home but so far the hotel has taken all our time.

I've been making plans for the next rooms to be renovated and with Bagus we have already decided the characters and the atmospheres we are looking for. Now we just have to get the new parking and laundry area ready as soon as possible so we can start renovating the rooms.

When I haven't been working I have been going to the gym and looking for models and locations for my photoserie. Yesterday I had the first photoshoot and I can't wait to get the photos done! I'm still inspired by the shell jewellery from Papua New Guinea so I'm continuing the serie I already started here last time with Cinta and brothers Dijay and Ary. I'll show more about that later.

Here are again some phone pictures from the past days.

My friend's house surrounded by rice fields.

Slow morning with the cat.

The reality of how it really went.

Already looking for things to the new rooms.

Laundry area slowly coming together.

My friend Liia from Finland came to visit Ubud so we went to see some rice fields.

Installing some new spot lights to higligh the garden

The colour of the light is quite cold, but lets see how we will fix that.

Putra found over two meters long snake from a palm tree next to the pool.

From this display we already bought the new bathroom floors. But which ones? You will see later :)

After finding this small river for the photoshoots, I like to go there for a quick swim.

After my photoshoots I usually take a polaroid picture with the model. Me and Danu by the river.

Today the workers started to cut the bedek, the bamboo ceiling for the parking area.

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  1. Lovely that you put lights in the garden. My dream.
    Ole tarkkana noiden käärmeiden kanssa! Ihan hirveetä!