Jun 25, 2012


Today I joined Ketut and Bagus to a trip to go a village called Taro. Ketut owns quite much land there and we checked if everything were ok. It was nice to see the countryside and jungle :) The nature is really beautiful there and we visited some rice fields and orage plantation. 

Here are few photos of the trip

a view from Ketut's land

growing oranges

 The photos of the shrine really gives me this kind of Miyazaki feeling of something ancient, mysterious and fascinating. The moss and invasive nature makes it feel a bit forgotten which makes it even more secretive. The shrine is in one Ketut's land where the family used to live for some time.
Some children of the villagers were very happy to have some photos took and the boy was quite a poser :) And the girl were so sweet carrying the dog everywhere she went.

The trip took only few hours and after that I continued to make the room layouts of the house. Upstairs layout is ready but the downsairs is so full of widows and doors waiting to be put where they belong that I wasn't able to do the measurements of the rooms yet.

I'll post some photos of the house soon!

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  1. That land in Taro is actually my land... :)