Jun 12, 2012

The end of an era

Two years has passed by so fast! I first started this blog when I got my place in Lahti at started my studies in Lahti institute of design. Operation apartment was about me building my first home - but now it's empty again. I will go back there after one year, but before that there is an internship in Bali and an exchange year in Japan.

So all my posessions are in cardboard boxes at my parents house and after one week I'll fly to Bali to start my next "operation apartment" as an interior designer for our friends new house. I'm sure it will be great two and half months there and of course I will continue this blog to tell and show how things are going. Exciting!


  1. esa. ootsa suomes viel heinakuun alus? kun ma tuun? ja mihin meet japanis? mun k-tytto on aichassa.

    1. Oon jo Balilla :) Taas mennään ristiin :( Mutta pidä superhauskaa helsingissä! Meen Kiotoon, kyoto institute of techonolyyn :D