Jul 1, 2012

Gayatri bungalows

This is where I stay here in Ubud. The place is in very, very good location in monkey forest road and it is easy to wonder around by foot or by motorbikes. The bungalows are very beautiful and the nature and plants with the patina of the statues makes it feel very tropical and cosy. There are one floor bungalows and then two bigger 3-floor buildings with several bunglows with great balconies. When you enter the place, u first see this fountain and reception, and when you follow the paths you end up to the bungalows and finally to the pool.

There are many ponds around the bungalows.
My room is actually in the receptions building
There are flowers everywhere.

Behind the pool and bale you can see the house we are making.

Few days ago we went to Taro village again to order some stone lanterns to put around the paths and pool. I'll post pictures abut them when they are ready and installed.

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