Jul 5, 2012

Evening at Clear café

We have been to so many places and seen so much it is difficult to keep up! Well few days ago we went with Ayu to check out this place called Clear café. 

The enterance
The enterance across the street. The place has two sides: Light, high, one-floor side and behind it there is darker two-floor side with ponds and plants.
We went upstairs. The floor felt quite thin bending every time you step on it.

Ayu were a bit afraid of the hights. Upstairs there were also japanese style lower tables.

The view from our table

We already had dinner, so this was more like a dessert kind of deal. Mulberry for me and Strawberry lime for Ayu.

Downstairs between the two sides there is a big curtain made of old chinese coins. It looked supergood!

Also some of the tables had crushed glass to fill the holes of the wood.

After having the cakes we went to cafe Havana just to sit and have some drinks while there were wild salsa dance going on inside. The loud music and atmosphere really took you to a different place.
Cafe Havanas upstairs were more intimate and romatic with the chandeliers and balconies. You can see Ayu dancing some waltz in the mirror.

We sat in the terrace with pillars full of drawings and notes made by happy people :)

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