Jul 18, 2012


Yesterday while walking around Ubud I saw these decorative cows next to one temple. Now I sit in the Gayatri restaurant and after asking what they are for the waitresses and Ketut's sister tells me about them. Because of the language barrier Im not sure if I got all the details correct but it is something like this: 

"Lembu" means cows in Malay. These ritual cows are a part of the mass cremation which will happen in the end of July.  All the people who have died before this and been once burned already will be caved back up and be placed in these cows for the second, more ceremonial cremation where they burn these cows and the ashes inside (Sometimes they also place bodies inside these if there hasn't yet been the first cremation). This happends maybe every 4-5 years and it is a really big ceremony. There are different animals for different occasions and Im not sure how they are related to the caste and regions but sometimes they make for example lions too.

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