Jul 14, 2012

Kuta beach

Last thursday we went to Kuta to celebrate my birthday. We took the shuttle bus from Ubud and arrived there around eight o'clock in the evening. After checking in to our hotel and having dinner we headed to check the clubs like Sky Garden, Ekon, Engine Room and Bounty. With Ayu, Jassu and Kata we danced a lot and over all it was a perfect birthday! On friday morning we went to the beach. We spent the day swimming, sunbathing, shopping and eating. In the evening there were the Sweet seventeen party in our hotel I wrote about before. On saturday we went to the beach again and then took the shuttle bus back to Ubud. Kuta was nice change for Ubud and it felt really good to visit some place new.

The waves brings coral pieces and shells to the shore. I have never actually seen coral like this before and even if it has lost all the colours and everthing I still find them interesting :) Even took few good looking ones and brought them back to Ubud.

I really enjoy just looking the different people passing by.

And of course in Kuta there are many surfer beginners. Everywhere you look you see someone carrying his or her surfing board around and when you enter the beach there are many locals offering surfing classes. It was nice to watch how they first teach on ground and then slowly going to water to try the waves.

With Ayu we have tried to get some good looking tan like these dudes.

For her it is going pretty well but me, after 3 weeks im still white like a snowman. After hours and hours of lying there I only managed to burn my feet. I'm sure I miss the tan gene :)

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