Jul 8, 2012

The fatal dog bite

Today I went for my daily "let see what's over there" walk and ended up to this private house. First I tought it was a hotel so I just walk in. Then one man came to ask what am I doing. After telling him what I study and how I really like the place he told me to look around and left.

The garden with two big ponds full of fishes.
The enterance and the pool

The ponds were full of carps and goldfishes.
First I saw only the little ones, but after a wile the big ones (lower left corner and in front) came up too. They were maybe 80cm long or even more and their faces were huge! It was so beautiful and a bit scary to see them rising from the darkness.

While I was taking photos and looking around, the dog lying on terrace came more and more interested in me and started to bark. Slowly the dog started to came closer still barking so I tought it's my time to leave. I was walking back still facing the dog but when at the gate I turned around the dog jumped and bite me to my heel. It didn't hurt much but it was bleeding a bit. I went to the pharmacy and when I was cleaning the hurt a chinese woman walking by gave me a bandage (she had also hurted her leg so she happened to have all the stuff with her).

To be honest I tought thats it but when I told Ketut that the dog had biten me he said I must see a doctor, because every year there are many people dying for the dog bites in Bali. Rabies is quite common here in dogs (but not so common in monkeys the doctor told).

At the medical center they cleaned my leg again and after figuring out my insurance was valid they first vaccinated my arm. Then they vaccinated the wound 5 times and after this they gave two more for bouth buttocks. I felt like a pincushion! I must go there 3 more times to get some more shots but after this it is confident to say that I wont get rabies :) Over all this will cost 1500€ but luckily it dosn't have to come from my pocket!

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