Apr 6, 2013

Great days

Hanami aka watching flowers.

The spring is officially here and the cherry trees are in their full bloom. So beautiful! The past few days have been the greatest! Having picknicks under the cherry trees and enjoying the sun. I call it "the art of doing nothing".

I have now lived here for six months and I'm about to start the second semester at my university. I feel like "the season two" is about to begin. Some old characters have left the show, some newcomers have came and let's see what kind of story it will be. It is the mixed feelings of missing the old good times, but at the same time waiting for the next great adventures.

Looking back the six months has been the best of my life. Jumping to emptyness when leaving Finland and landing to having so great people (and places) around me and having such a good friends to share it with. I'm a bit ashamed to say, but I haven't been homesick at all.

And since it is a new season and new tricks, I would like to ask if there is something you would like me to post about. It can be about school, about Japan, Kyoto or what ever I haven't been talking about yet.

And then to the photos. Some (well quite a few) photos about sakura and hanami. The riverside with mountains, families at the parks, beautiful sunset with soft pink light and the city centre with sakura hanging above the smaller canal.

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  1. Kukkahullun paratiisi. Aavan meren tuollapuolen jossakin on maa...