Aug 2, 2012

Climbing to the volcano

On Monday morning at 2 am we woke up and started our trip to the mount Batur. It is an active volcano lockated in North Bali. First we drove to the Kintamani area and then with flashlights we started to climb up. Around 6 o'clock we arrive to a beautiful spot to watch the sunrise with a good view to the hightest mountain in Bali, Agung. After the sunrise we continued to the very top of the mountain. First it was all foggy there so we saw only the tiny bit of land we stand on, but after a while the fog went away and the view was amazing.

A moment before sunrise. Mount Agung and lake Batur.
Panorama view of the sunrise.
Feeling happy and enjoying the views almost at the peak of mt. Batur.
Giulia, Bagus and Marion. It was freezing up there.
Us four.
You could see many holes puffing volcanic steam.
Golden sunrise. Treking to the very top.
At the peak of mt. Batur, 1717m.

Foggy but great views to the lake Batur.
And mt, Agung.
And then started to trek back down.
Looking back to the mount Batur.

Tiny building to enjoy the view and maybe eat somethig.
And finally back down.