Mar 10, 2013

Trip to Taiwan part 2

The story continues...

On the second day after visiting Taipei 101 and night market we went to the National Palace Museum and it's gorgeous garden. For me the garden left a lot stronger impact than the museum, but some of the ceramics in the museum were brilliant too.

After the museum we went to see different temples like the Conficius temple. It was already dark so the colours and mystic atmosphere were absolutely mesmerizing. The way they use kind of cheap looking neon lights inside the temples with beautiful wood and stone carving is actually perfect combination. Remainds me of India in a way.

On the next day we went far east to the mountains, to a famous place called Jiu Fen. It was raining cats and dogs and the narrow streets were filled with people and their umbrellas, but still it was great! We escaped the rain to a nice tea house with a view to the sea. 

And i'll post the rest of the trip soon :)

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