Mar 23, 2013

Tea ceremony and Japanese ambiance

Plum blossoms at Kitano Tenmangu. So many different colours from white to dark pink mixed with all kind of lanterns. So beautiful!

There were also very good exhibition of Alphonse Mucha's work at Kyoto railways station. There is a "skyway" kind of path in the roof of the station that can be walked and the view is quite nice.

One of the highlights of the places we visited were this Kawai Kanjiro's house museum. It used to be the home of famous potter and nowdays it can be visited. There are his work showcased but also his collection of furniture and everything. For me the atmosphere and environment he lived and worked in was so harmonious and so so Japanese. It was something I haven't seen here yet so strongly.  

Beautiful kimonos in a special exhibition, where taking photos was not allowed - so I only managed to get this one beautiful detail.
The other highlight was to have a tea ceremony with Shihos family in Shokado garden. After that we had so good temaki sushi at their house. Thank you for such a great day!

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