Mar 23, 2013

Tigers, tiles and temples

After my parents moved to an other hotel lockated next to the Zoo we naturally went to have a look. The animals were great! The tigers were rolling around and gorillas going up and down. The elephant were a bit sad but maybe he was just a gray day. The zoo also had nice small amusement park with a wheel and small train. I'll show pictures of that later.

Our favourite cafe restaurant Sarasa. It is almost next to Funaoka onsen, a great bath house here in Kyoto. This restaurant place used to be a public bath too (80 years ago) with strong tiling and atmosphere and now as a cafe they kept the original tiles and structures. The people working there are laid back and the place is actually very cozy. The blueberry lassi and mango ginger ale are so good! This was the first (and again the last) place we ate with my parents.

There were also beautiful light up in Chion-in temple and garden. It was a bit cold or I didn't wear enought but we were so frozen after taking the long walks around the gardens.

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