Oct 10, 2012

Papers papers papers...

The first weeks here were stuffed with papers to be filled! Luckily now most of them are delivered to their right places.

My school have also really started since I do my homework (The ones I understand or got translated) every night after getting back home. After leaving the campus around 6-7pm I wonder around the city and shops, and usually end up buying something super good and unhealthy to eat. Yesterday it was a full bag of donuts :)

Most of my lectures are in Japanese so I have "some" problems to follow the teaching but my private lessons with my professor are so instructive and it is such a great opportunity to ask anything about the Japanese culture, style, traditions ect. He is also teaching me how to draw better and things like that.  

My class mates are great and we have a lot of fun together. For example today we studied colours and animals in Japanese and Finnish, meccha omoroi! On Monday we also went to see Fushimi Inari with Shiho and Kondo and it was such a not-from-this-world kind of place! One of the best places I have ever visited! I'll show photos from there soon.

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