Oct 11, 2012

Fushimi Inari

Last Monday we went to Fushimi Inari with Shiho and Kondo. It was great great great! 

This is already inside the area. The place is filled with thousands of orange torii gates. It looks great on the evening sun.
The enterance. Fushimi Inari is also knows for its fox statues protectin the area.

Torii talismans to bring good luck.
Beautiful details.
Close up.
Long paths up to the mountain.
Kondo and Shiho.
Foxes. Some of them had already prepaired themselves to the winter.
More toriis in the nature.
Fox, Kondo and me.
City beneath.
The paths leads to different kind of shrines around the mountain.

Tied fortunes and dressed statue around the temple area.
Back down from the mountain.
Us three after many many toriis, foxes, steps and shrines. So happy :)

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