Oct 3, 2012

New life in Japan

As many of you know, few days ago I moved to Japan for my exchange year. It took me 24 hours to fly here from Helsinki to Amsterdam, from there to Guangzhou and finally to Osaka to Japan. For the first two night I stayed in hostel next to the student house where I moved day before yesterday.

My new neighbourhood
The Earth Ship hostell

Yesterday was my first schoolday but to be honest I missed my lesson because with my tutor Shiho we were running around the city to do the paperwork at differet offices, banks, cellphone shops ect. There is still so many papers to fill and brought to various places so that will take a few more days but today I won't miss my design workshop.

Everything is still a bit blurry and I do feel like an alien here with the language and such but I know after some days I will love it here!

I've been so busy I haven't had time to take many photos yet but after I get settled here the flood of pictures will start, so get ready!

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