May 18, 2013

Sunday Café Expedition VI
Citrus and yougurt parfrait 800¥
Caramel milk 530¥

Traction - Book Café. This place is one of the popular book cafés in Kyoto, and since we wanted to do some studying we went there. Design furniture, old books and magazines, inclusive menu and very quiet atmosphere. Even though everything tasted very good, the price is a bit expensive. The interior was not so interesting or memorable but the biggest turn off was the service. Maybe the waiter had a bad day or then he's just not that polite, but overall he made us kind of feel bad about the place so we changed to a Kissamaster, a very nice café near Sanjo with nice view to a inside garden.


  1. sorry there are spelling mistakes if you don't mind that I point them out - "expensive" and "biggest".

  2. Thank you! I hate how they always get there :)