May 15, 2013

Hop on your bicycle

In Kyoto on of the best thing is just to roll around with bicycles and see what you can find. This time it took me, Marine and Nina to North-East Kyoto. First we discovered the Kyoto University of Art and Design (which I always tought to be some kind of a museum). It was an interesting mixture of old red tile buildings inside, under, next to and on top of new concrete buildings. The buildings climbs up the mountainside. The view from classrooms and different corridors were really nice. It must be quite nice to study there!
View from Kyoto University of Art and Design
Cool new part of KUAD, interesting buildings with long long stairs.
Inside the cafeteria was not that nice. The lamps are cool, but colours not.
After that we hit the mountain. We discovered a small shop called "Salmiakki" selling Finnish design products and yes, I paid 2€ for a "pätkis", a chocolate bar that usually costs around 25 cents. I still haven't eaten it, so maybe I'm savign it for a special event. After that we tried to visit few tea houses and old traditional Japanese building, but since we didn't want to pay for it we ended up to the Tanukisani Fudo-in.

Totally different world. Tanukis at Tanukisani Fudo-in. Now the Miyazakis films feels so much more realistic
Tanukisani Fudo-in, but first 250 steps before that. No wonder they say this temple is good for your health.

After all the bicycling we were hungry and tired. So then it was food and sleep.

But the few last days have been so sunny and well, for me it feels like super hot summer, but actually it is just spring slowly getting warmer. It is nice to see people switching to a summer mood and one of the best ways to spend these hot days is just to hang around the Kamogawa river.

Shiho at Kamogawa riveside.
Music in river.

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