Oct 12, 2011

Hot chocolates

This flu I'm still having made me remember this old old post from years ago, when I had my very first blog

" Those of you who has been following my blog might know that I love love love all types of hot chocolates! Basically the idea of having all differend types of hot chocolates came up when I found out how much I love cafés and how much I hate coffee. So I got so fed up with only having one option in cafés (in Finnish cafés there are usually only 2 types of hot chocolate: With or without whipped cream - and of course there must be cream - so I only had one option)

so I started to create hot chocolates of my own just to make myself happy

Here I have wrapped up all the hot chocolates i have done pictures, so please enjoy: "

 Normal hot chocolate with grated chocolate

Hot chocolate with cinnamon and gingerbread

Hot chocolate (cold) with strawberry jam

Hot chocolate with hazelnuts

Hot chocolate (ice cold) with chocolate sauce

Hot chocolate with snow ornaments

Hot chocolate with peppermint

Hot chocolate with marshmallows

Hot chocolate with chocolate sauce

Hot chocolate with "New year" decorations

Hot chocolate with grated "Geisha chocolate" from Fazer

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  1. OIH! me ollaan just ostettu noita samoja talviströsselikoristeita ja noi on IHANAN NÄKÖSIÄ vaikka en edes tykkää kermavaahdosta!!!