Oct 20, 2011

Art school in Vyborg, Russia

Last summer when we visited Vyborg we also explored this interesting looking building 

It said it's a museum (islamic treasures from Hermitage) but we walked in a smaller door and found a nice photo exhibition about old glory of the town. But the interesting part was when we persuaded this Russian man to let us enter the art school's corridors that were first all closed. He spoke no English and we didn't speak any Russian. Unfortunately the school was on summer break so we couldn't see the classrooms but the parts we saw were really cool! 

It's sad that my school doesn't look like this because I really like the old and gracious vibe this place had.

We also went to see the Islamic treasures after the sneak peek and they were amazing! But u weren't allowed to take photos there (and every time I tried there were this one attendant looking me very angry so I end up not having any photos :))

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