Mar 19, 2015

Great days in Bangkok

I always tought that Thailand was nothing so interesting for me filled with western tourists and emberassing fellow finlanders, but after studying in Japan and after aking good friends from Thailand I tought eventually I wish to visit them.

Working in Bali has been quite busy and tiring, so when the time for a short holiday came, I headed to Bangkok to meet Mew (Unfortunately the other Thai friends were still in Japan, or Fon being a bit too far in Chiang Mai for my short trip). The great coincidence was that also Kazuya with his classmates were in Bangkok at the same time. and further more my other KIT friend, Yudai with his friends came to visit Bangkok aswell. The best part  of this trip was to meet these great people again, and to get to know their friends too. Big thank you for Mew for existing and letting me stay in her place and for Ping who also showed me around!

After staying more than six months in Bali I was longing for bigger buildings, more people, escalators, shopping centers, subway and trains and local people living their own life doing their own things. Bangkok really did offer that! In additin to that, the temples and details of Thai culture were so stunning and something I wish to discover. The tilings and level of details in the temple areas were so inspiring and something I havent yet discovered. The amount of shopping malls and markets and seeing always someone selling something was great aswell.

It is difficult to try to sum up everything into just one post so here are the photos:

discovering Ayutthaya with Kazuya and his class mates.

Elephant riding.

After Ayutthaya we took a boat to the Asiatique. 

Temple day. Discovering the beauty of Thai temples.

Shopping or shop hopping

Sweet overdose with KIT friends.

Chinatown with Mew!

Jim Thompson's house, Thai silk!

Mew Kazuya and Ping!

It almost look like Linn were with us?

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