Jan 12, 2015

Slowly it's happening

Renovation renovation renovation. The four rooms are slowly coming together, but there is still more than plenty to be done before I can share the ready spaces. Here are some photos of what we have done so far. Thinking back it seems so little but it's Bali time, so everything happens so slow!

Tiling the bathroom of room 9. The "California" tiles we got from India.

The shower is lowered down, and the mood is rustic.

Creating the wall shapes for bathroom of room 8.

Room 8, quite unfinished.

With my workers we communicate with pictures and smiles.

To make the window of room 9 bigger, we had to expand the renovation outside the 3rd floor.

I wanted to make the window 3 times bigger than what it was to make sure wont waist the view.

Waterproofing the room 7

I also decided to enlarge the bathroom windows.

Room 8 with new bathroom doors and the bathroom of room 6.

Room 9's bathroom slowly coming together.

Marble floor for room 8.

Bed head bench and bathroom of room 8

Installing the big mirrors.

Bed head for room 9.

View from room 9 and fabrics for the curtains.

The rooms are getting to the point where it will be a lot more interesting to share some photos since it wont be just concrete and dust. Can't wait to see them done!

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