Dec 9, 2014

Great days

Wow it's already December! Nowdays my every post starts by apologizing how rarely I manage to actually sit down, put photos to my computer and post them here. Sorry about that.

This last month I had my brother and two friends from Finland visiting Bali and Ubud. Since the three weeks were so full of adventures and small highlights I can't share it all, but here are some moments on the way. 

The monkey forest. You could spend hours just looking these little fellows playing around!

If you stand still they might even include you to their play.

And make a fool of you.

We also climbed the mount Batur, the other still active volcano in Bali. The sunrise on top was so beautiful!

Antti, Tinja, Yasha, me, our guide Putu and Leo (taking the photo) walked around the crater.

Me and Leo  just down from the very top.

Down after the long hike.

Tinja's and Antti's last dinner in Ubud before they headed down South to the beach.

Ayu's birthday at Locavore

Leos dream was to drive around the whole island with motorbikes, but since that was a bit too long way, we just went to Lovina and back. The 8 hours ride was tiring but totally worth it. The scenery up in the mountais was so beautiful and getting lost in small villages were one of the higlights of our journey.

Lake up in the mountains.

Crazy roads, and the one in the photo was still easy.

At Lovina we went to snorkeling with small boats.

With Leo we also visited some nice restaurants and bars with cool interiors.

From Ubud we also took a car and went to Finn's beach club in Uluwatu 

Hello blue waters!

We also took our new friend Kim with us to enjoy the ocean.

On Leo's second last day we visited Tirta Empul, a temple with holy water.

Since I like the kois a lot, I could have spend a whole day just watching them going around.

Room for dessert? Yes! Great place for Yasha's, Mora's and Leo's last night in Bali.

And sometimes good things comes to an end, and these lovely people had to return to Australia and Finland. Thank you for great time and good good memories!

o o
If you wish to see whats happening here in Bali on a bit faster tempo, have a look of my instagram.

And about the renovation? I'll post about that soon! During the stay of Leo and my friends, I was still working every day in order to get the new rooms done. We had to extend the renovation to two other rooms aswell because of some leaking pipes - so now we are working on 4 rooms.

But more text and photos later on! Have a nice day!

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  1. How lovely to follow you around this wonderful, happy journey. Thanks <3