Aug 19, 2014

Visiting Linn

I promised my friend Linn that before heading to Bali I'll come to visit her in Stockholm. Since the Bali trip is getting closer and closer we hop on a plane with Nina in order to spend two nights in Stockholm as a small "Japan reunion".

It was such a joy to see Linn and her friend Hanna after a long time. It was also great to see Linn's life in Sweden after spending one year with her in Japan. How is miss our time there!

But here are some random collection of cellphone photos of the trip. Two nights was far too short time to complitely catch up so we have to meet soon again! Thank you Linn and Hanna for showing places and thank you Nina for being such a great traveling companion!
Breakfast at the airport before heading to Stockholm.

Great dinner at Linn's place,

Linn and Hanna.

MAX. I and Nina were excited about this Swedish original.

The second night we spent at Linn's fathers house, on an island

Such a cozy and lovely place!

Cooking and eating.

Linn Linn! See you next time maybe in Thailand? :D

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