Jan 11, 2014

Back to Bali

As they say, you never visit there just once...

Even I'm still settling back to living in Finland, it's time to go again. I feel so fortuned to be able to do my graduation work in Bali, in Ubud. The purpose is to design and renovate two hotelrooms of my friend's hotel, Gayatri Bungalows, as well as to study the local styles, materials and craftmanship.

The two months will be filled with new things, good friends, a lot of interesting work and great time, but on the other hand it is sad to leave all my friends and family again here in Finland and miss the joy of their company.

I'll try to share pictures and stories of my work and stay in Bali. Here are some photos of the Gayatri bungalows I took the year before last year. Can't wait to return there!

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